About the Course

In order to achieve that, this course is online and open-ended regarding the product and technical delivery recommendations. The shared content will get updated periodically in order to guarantee new and state-of-the-art information.

This course is unique in its kind on account of the format the content is presented and tools provided. While video lectures can offer a really close connection between the instructor and the learner, we found that offering our course content in a written format, we are enabling anyone taking the course to find the right content instantly by using the search bar. Also, this way the content is easier to maintain and expand over time.

We expect the course community to play a really important role by engaging in the form of chats and comments of each lecture, promoting a shared course built also from every learner.

The estimated course time is 8-10 hours, including course-specific content, recommended readings from other sources like articles and blog posts, and finally a course-specific hands-on experience (coming soon!).

Once again, Welcome to this exciting course!

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